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Welcome to Wout Bru - Shop now
Welcome to Wout Bru - Shop now
Wout Bru

Wout Bru

Wout Bru, born on June 6, 1972 in Belgium, is a well-known figure
Belgian chef with an impressive culinary journey.
His career started in leading restaurants, after which he further developed his expertise in kitchens around the world.

In 1992 Bru opened his own restaurant, "Chez
Bru,” in Eygalières, France, where he quickly gained recognition for his
innovative cooking style and received various culinary awards.
His restaurant became an international destination for foodies.

In addition to his work in the kitchen, Wout Bru increased his popularity by participating in various television cooking programs.
His passion for cooking and pursuit of excellence have earned him a prominent place in the culinary world, where he is celebrated for his creativity, craftsmanship and dedication to gastronomy.

In 2017, Bru joined forces with business partner Marc
Coucke and they took over the famous restaurant 'Le Sanglier des Ardennes' in Durbuy. Bru was given the task of bringing the restaurant back to gastronomic excellence and also opened 'La Bru'sserie', which opened its doors in July 2017.
Both restaurants were awarded a 14/20 in Gault Millau in their first year.

In March 2023, Wout Bru again achieved culinary recognition
with a Michelin star for Le Grand Verre in Durbuy.
This recent addition reaffirms Bru's
continued pursuit of culinary excellence and innovation.